Art by Steve Ludeman, WSO
Along the Vltava
(15" x 22"  $800)

The Vltava River meanders peacefully through the
picturesque medieval town of Cesky Krumlov - a World
Heritage Site in the Czech Republic.  This painting was
done from a sketch I did on the river bank.  The Church
of St. Vitas is on the right and the tall building in the
middle is the Gothic Hradek round tower.  While I
sketched, local workmen were repairing a wall behind
me.  They were very curious to see what I was doing,
so I invited them over to view my sketch as it
progressed.  In this painting I tried to capture the
magical Old World flavor of this historic area.
Clear Lake Sunset
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Recently one of my Iowa high school classmates
commissioned me to do this painting.  It is a sunset scene of
Clear Lake, Iowa, near our hometown.  In September 2011
many of us gathered in Iowa to celebrate our 50th high school
class reunion.  This painting was part of an art show at our
reunion.  My classmates and I share wonderful memories of
our youthful summers on the Lake, swimming, boating and
waterskiing (and of course, a little partying.  After all, it was the
time when The Beach Boys were very popular!)
Riding Shotgun
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This is one of a series of paintings I recently did of Heidi and Bruno,
twoSt. Bernard dogs - mascots for nearby Timberline Lodge, a National
Historic Landmark.  I painted the series at the request of Lodge
employees who said they needed art work of the current dogs.  They
had art of former mascots but not of the current St. Bernards.  I was
pleased to take the assignment and enjoyed painting the dogs when
they were puppies.  This is a winter’s night scene of a determined
Bruno riding “shotgun” in a Timberline Snow Cat, with snow flying.
All rights reserved copyright
@2000 Steve Ludeman
Peanuts & Popcorn
Mason City 1909
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Just looking at this colorful painting of a 1909
horse-drawn peanut and popcorn wagon, you can
imagine the pleasant aroma of roasting peanuts and hot
popcorn emanating from the wagon.  The peanuts were
steam-roasted near the wagon, and the fragrance
attracted lots of hungry folks.  

This was a commissioned work I completed for a client
in Arizona.   We grew up in the same small town in
Northern Iowa and this painting is based on a historic
photo of the peanut wagon on the main street of our
hometown.  Enjoy!
Autumn Bounty
20" x 36" $1,000

I did most of this painting on a gorgeous fall day at an organic farm
near Lake Oswego, OR.  I was painting with Susan Spears’ group of
artists called “Eye on the Sky”.  There were no pumpkins in the
actual scene, so I had fun adding them.  It was a real challenge to
paint the stems on the pumpkins, as I had nothing to go on except
my vague memory of what they look like.  I was honored that this
painting was juried into the
2011 Watercolor Society of Oregon Fall
Show in Sunriver, OR.
Bavarian Classic
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This was a fun painting to do!  With my friend Susan Spears’ “Inside
Line Drawing Class.”, I visited the Portland, OR Motorcycle
Company.  This classic vintage BMW bike was in the lobby and I just
had to sketch it!  Later, I did this full-sheet painting based on the
sketch.  The bike was black and white, but I thought it would be
boring to paint.  So, I had fun adding lots of color and this is how it
turned out.  The original painting is now part of the
permanent art
collection at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland.
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Snowbound is one of my favorite paintings.  I created this
art as part of a class project in my friend Beth Verheyden’s
weekly watercolor painting class.  Our assignment was to
present the different textures of the snow, trees and truck
in an artistic manner.  I think this painting captures the
stark frigid beauty of winter with a hint of warmth from the
old truck and the Christmas tree lights.  The original
painting is now part of the
permanent art collection at
Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland.